Posted On: Nov 7, 2023

Customers can now use Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager to automate pre-scripts and post-scripts on their Amazon EC2 instances to protect their workloads with application-consistent Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Snapshots. This capability works in conjunction with AWS Systems Manager Agent and AWS Systems Manager Documents (SSM documents) and comes with AWS-provided templates to make it easy for customers to automate the creation of application-consistent EBS Snapshots, including for self-managed databases.

Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager provides an automated, policy-based lifecycle management solution for EBS Snapshots and EBS-backed Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). With pre-script and post-script support, customers can now easily automate the creation of application-consistent EBS Snapshots using AWS-provided SSM templates for workloads including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Windows applications (VSS). Customers can also create policies to automate other actions including Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR), Cross-Region copy, and Cross-account sharing.

Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager support for pre-script and post-script automation is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager is available. There is no cost associated with creating and managing Data Lifecycle Manager policies. Customers only pay for the storage cost associated with any EBS Snapshots that are created.

This feature is now available through AWS Management Console, AWS CloudFormation, AWS SDKs, AWS Tools for Powershell, or the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). To learn about this feature, visit the news blog. For more information on using this feature to automate application-consistent EBS Snapshots, the AWS-provided SSM document templates, as well as other use cases, visit our documentation.