Posted On: Nov 26, 2023

Amazon EventBridge now supports partner integrations with Adobe I/O events and Stripe, enabling you to route events from these platforms to over 20 AWS services making it easier to build event-driven architectures for handling payments, invoices, ordering, and much more. By leveraging these integrations you can increase developer agility by spending less time writing integration code and build features faster that combine best-in-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities with AWS services.  

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless integration service that enables you to create highly scalable event-driven applications by routing events between your own applications, third-party SaaS applications, and AWS services. You can set up rules to determine where to send your events, allowing for applications to react to changes in your systems as they occur. EventBridge makes it easier to build event-driven applications by facilitating event ingestion, delivery, security, authorization, and error handling. EventBridge has over 45 pre-built partner integrations that can scale seamlessly to handle spikes in event delivery without requiring provisioning of infrastructure or ongoing operations.  

The Adobe partner integration supports product events from Adobe Experience cloud, Creative cloud, Document Cloud and Custom I/O Events from Adobe App builder. The Stripe partner integration supports all available Stripe events, including Stripe Billing, Checkout, Connect, Invoicing, and Treasury. 

Adobe and Stripe partner integrations are available in all AWS Regions except the AWS GovCloud (US) and China Regions. 

To learn more about the new EventBridge partner integrations visit our documentation page and sign up to use the Stripe integration.