Posted On: Nov 16, 2023

With server-side composition in Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS), you can combine audio and video from stage participants into a composited view. This composited view can then be broadcast to an Amazon IVS channel (e.g., to reach a larger audience) or stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for video on-demand (VOD) viewing.

When using server-side composition, you pay an hourly rate for the composite encoding generated from the stage. Hourly rates vary by resolution (SD, HD, and Full HD). Additional costs depend on which destinations you choose. If broadcasting to a channel, the normal rates for video input and output for your channel apply. If you store the video in Amazon S3, standard storage and request costs will be incurred. For more information, please visit the Amazon IVS pricing page.

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) is a managed live streaming solution that is designed to be quick and easy to set up, and ideal for creating interactive video experiences. Video ingest and delivery are available around the world over a managed network of infrastructure optimized for live video. Visit the AWS region table for a full list of AWS Regions where the Amazon IVS console and APIs for control and creation of video streams are available.

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