Posted On: Nov 3, 2023

Today, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams announces an integration with Amazon EventBridge Pipes in the Kinesis Data Streams service console, making it easier to send records from your stream to one of over 14 AWS service targets, including Amazon SQS, AWS Step Functions, Amazon SNS, Amazon ECS, Amazon EventBridge event buses, or another Kinesis Data Stream. The EventBridge Pipes integration also supports the EventBridge API Destinations target which uses API calls to send your Kinesis Data Stream records to software as a service (SaaS) applications or your own applications within or outside AWS.

Getting your data flowing from your Kinesis Data Stream is as simple as clicking the “Connect Kinesis Data Stream to pipe” button on the selected Kinesis Data Stream page, naming the connection, and selecting a target. You can customize batch size, batch window, concurrency, and more, if desired. An optional filtering step allows only specific records to flow into the pipe and an optional enrichment step using AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, API Destinations, or Amazon API Gateway can be used to enrich or transform your Kinesis Data Stream records before they reach the target. By removing the need to write, manage, and scale undifferentiated integration code, the EventBridge Pipes integration allows you spend your time building your services rather than connecting them.

Get started by selecting a Kinesis Data Stream in the Kinesis console, and then selecting the EventBridge Pipes tab, or, learn more by reading the AWS News blog post on how Amazon EventBridge Pipes can help you more easily integrate your services.