Posted On: Nov 27, 2023

Today we announce Amazon One Enterprise, a palm-based identity service for enterprise access control. The service enables organizations to provide a fast, convenient, and contactless experience for employees and authorized users to gain access to physical locations as well as digital assets such as restricted software resources. Amazon One Enterprise eliminates operational overhead associated with the management of traditional enterprise authentication methods, like badges and PINs. IT and security administrators can easily install the Amazon One devices and manage users, devices, and software updates in the AWS Management console. 

 Amazon One Enterprise provides highly accurate and secure enterprise access control through an easy-to-use biometric identification device. Security is built into every stage of the service, from multi-layered security controls in the Amazon One device to protection of data in transit and in the cloud. Amazon One Enterprise combines palm and vein imagery for biometric matching and delivers an accuracy rate of 99.9999%, which exceeds the accuracy of most biometric alternatives— even more accurate than scanning two irises.

Amazon One Enterprise also delivers new levels of convenience for employees. It replaces the need for multiple authentication methods, and employees can use their palm to access physicals spaces and digital assets. A user can enroll by hovering their palm over an Amazon One enrollment device and associating their palm with their organization's preferred ID—such as badges, PINs, and passwords. After enrollment, users access physical locations simply by hovering their palm over an Amazon One device attached to common physical access control systems for uses such as unlocking doors, entry gates, and other barriers. When connected to computers or other enterprise systems, Amazon One Enterprise authenticates users for access to web applications and software. 

Amazon One Enterprise is available in preview in the U.S. Contact us to learn more.