Posted On: Nov 20, 2023

You can now run OpenSearch version 2.11 in Amazon OpenSearch Service. With OpenSearch 2.11, we have made several improvements to search, observability, security analytics, and OpenSearch Dashboards. This version includes features that were launched as part of open source OpenSearch versions 2.10 and 2.11. This launch includes the introduction of hybrid search queries, which uses normalization processors to improve search relevance, by combining relevance scores of lexical queries with natural language-based k-NN vector search queries. It also includes multimodal search, which allows users to search image and text pairs like product catalog items, and the introduction of neural sparse retrieval in addition to existing dense retrieval for semantic search applications. Search practitioners can test out these new search methods with the new search comparison tool which lets you compare the results of two different search queries side by side in OpenSearch Dashboards. 

Security Analytics now provides threat detection capabilities to detect malicious activity and adds custom log categories for easier filtering and sorting. Other improvements include a new visual theme and a discover tool for a more user-friendly Dashboards environment, and a new IP2Geo processor that allows users to retrieve the geographical location of an IPv4 or IPv6 address, and add that information to incoming data during ingest or at a later time, as required.

For information on upgrading to OpenSearch 2.11, please see this documentation. OpenSearch 2.11 is now available in all AWS Regions where Amazon OpenSearch Service is available.