Posted On: Nov 9, 2023

Amazon Redshift announces MaxRPU, a new compute cost control setting for Amazon Redshift Serverless. With MaxRPU, you can optionally specify an upper compute threshold to control data warehouse costs at any point in time by selecting the maximum compute level that Redshift Serverless can scale per workgroup.

Redshift Serverless already allows you to limit the overall spending by setting a max RPU-hour usage limit (per day, week, month) for your workgroup, which can automatically log that you exceeded your usage limit to a system table, send you an alert, or automatically turn off user queries when you hit your limit. However, Redshift Serverless customers want the ability to restrict the usage at any given point, as well to have additional control on costs. Now with MaxRPU, you can limit the compute usage at different points in time to the selected compute level, providing enhanced cost predictability on their Redshift Serverless workloads. MaxRPU defines the upper limit of compute resources that Redshift Serverless can use anytime. Once the MaxRPU limit is set for the workgroup, Redshift Serverless scales within that limit to continue to execute the workload. 

Customers can adjust the MaxRPU setting from the Amazon Redshift management console or by invoking an Amazon Redshift API. MaxRPU setting will be available in all regions where Redshift Serverless is currently available. Learn more about Redshift Serverless cost controls on the Serverless feature page, or refer to the documentation