Posted On: Nov 21, 2023

Amazon Verified Permissions now provides customers with a new visual schema editor, in addition to the existing JSON editor, in the Verified Permissions console. Customers can now visualize the relationships between the entities used to model principals, resources and actions.

Verified Permissions uses the Cedar policy language, which allows you to define the structure for your policies in your application using a schema. The schema describes the entities (eg. principals and resources) you have in your application, and lists the actions that apply to those entities. Defining an application schema enables Verified Permissions to validate policies created by developers and operators, ensuring that they reference valid entities and attributes.

When building a schema using the Verified Permissions console, you can toggle between two modes; the existing JSON mode and the new visual mode. Visual mode provides a user-friendly alternative to editing the JSON directly, enabling you to click on and view the definition for any entity type. You can manage action groups, define multiple parent entity types, and add entity attributes entirely in visual mode. Visual mode can also represent the schema as an entity relationship model, showing which actions apply to which principal and resource types, and which entity types can be members of other entity types.

This feature is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon Verified Permissions is currently available. There is no additional cost to use the feature. Customers can learn more about the service on the product detail page.