Posted On: Nov 20, 2023

Amazon Verified Permissions now supports batch authorization, allowing you to process up to 30 authorization decisions for a single principal or resource in a single API call. Batch authorization allows you to filter for authorized actions that a given principal can take on a resource. It also enables developers to simplify building applications where a single user action requires multiple actions to be authorized. Verified Permissions optimizes authorizing multiple requests when the principal or resource is fixed. 

Amazon Verified Permissions provides fine-grained authorization in applications that you build. It allows you to implement permissions as policies rather than application code. The application calls Verified Permissions to authorize access to APIs and resources managed by the application. With the launch of batch authorization, developers can simplify how they use Verified Permissions for user experience (UX) permissions. UX permissions control what resources a user can take an action on in the application. For example, using batch authorization you can get authorized actions for a user and customize the UX to enable action buttons based on that list. Additionally, developers can use batch authorization to make a single API call for compound authorization, where a single user action requires multiple authorization checks. For example, moving a file between folders requires authorizing removeFile and addFile. 

This feature is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon Verified Permissions is currently available. Batch authorization API calls are priced the same as a single authorization API call. For more information, visit the Verified Permissions user guide and the pricing page for more details.