Posted On: Nov 3, 2023

AWS App Runner now supports IPv6-based traffic for public App Runner service endpoints, allowing customers to access their App Runner service(s) endpoint over IPv6. This helps customers meet IPv6 compliance requirements, and removes the need for handling address translation between IPv4 and IPv6.

App Runner is a fully-managed service that makes it easier for developers to quickly deploy containerized web applications and APIs to the cloud, at scale, and without managing infrastructure. Earlier, App Runner service endpoint supported only IPv4 addresses. Now, you can configure your public App Runner service to create dual-stack endpoints, which support both IPv4 and IPv6. When you make a request to a App Runner service dual-stack public endpoint, the endpoint resolves to an IPv6 or an IPv4 address, depending on the protocol used by your network and client.

You can use the new App Runner dual-stack public endpoints at no additional cost. You can create a dual-stack endpoint by setting a new field IpAddressType in the NetworkConfiguration settings of CreateService and UpdateService APIs. You can also enable dual-stack endpoint from App Runner console by updating Networking settings of your App Runner service configuration. For more information about dual-stack public endpoint, see the Networking chapter in the AWS App Runner Developer Guide. To learn more about App Runner, visit the product page.