Posted On: Nov 29, 2023

We are excited to introduce the AWS Built-in Competency to highlight partner software solutions with AWS built-in, including new infrastructure as code (IaC) that integrates automatically with AWS foundational services to help customers achieve their long-term goals in the cloud. AWS Built-in software uses a well-architected Modular Code Repository (MCR) designed to add value to partner software solutions. AWS Built-in Competency Partner solutions leverage key building blocks called Cloud Foundational Services across multiple domains such as identity, security, and operations. 

AWS Built-in Competency Partner solutions minimize the time it takes for a customer to figure out the best AWS services to adopt, regardless of use case or category. Partners help determine the best foundational AWS services to maximize the performance of their software and bring the most value to the customer experience. By streamlining the integration process, we empower customers to fully harness the benefits of foundational AWS native services while taking advantage of the rich functionality and capabilities of AWS Partner software solutions. 

Customers can check out this explainer video and explore partner solutions that simplify the builder experience on the AWS Built-in Competency Partner solutions webpage. Customers can purchase and deploy these solutions in AWS Marketplace