Posted On: Nov 28, 2023

We are excited to announce the public preview of Amazon Q in AWS Chatbot, which provides summarized and concise answers to customers’ AWS-related queries in a conversational experience in Microsoft Teams and Slack. Customers receive concise and trustworthy answers to their questions to accelerate their understanding of the AWS services, architect solutions, and troubleshoot issues.

When issues occur, every minute counts. Customers need help to diagnose the issues quickly and get assistance on the next steps. Earlier customers had to sift through blogs and documentation to find answers to their unique issues and identify the next steps, resulting in longer issue resolution times. With Amazon Q in AWS Chatbot, customers receive expert answers to questions related to AWS issues from chat channels where they collaborate with their peers to finalize next steps. Customers can type questions by tagging the AWS Chatbot in the channel, like "@aws how do I change lambda concurrency settings?" and receive steps to update Lambda concurrency settings and related links to the AWS Documentation and blogs.

Get started with AWS Chatbot by visiting the AWS Management Chatbot Console and by downloading the AWS Chatbot app from the Microsoft Teams marketplace or Slack App Directory. To get started with AWS Chatbot, visit the AWS Chatbot product page.