Posted On: Nov 7, 2023

AWS Config announces new inventory and compliance dashboards for AWS Config aggregators, which offer essential insights like the 'Summary of Compliance by Resources', 'Top 10 accounts with noncompliant resources', 'Comparison of running vs. stopped EC2 instances by type', and 'EBS Volumes by volume type and size'.

Inventory and compliance dashboards offer essential and current information about your AWS resource configurations and compliance status across AWS accounts, AWS Regions, or within an AWS Organization. They enable you to visualize and assess your AWS resource inventory without needing to write AWS Config advanced queries. By using these dashboards, you can create reports identifying resources that don't comply with AWS Config rules and make informed decisions to proactively address your resource optimization, security, audit, and compliance requirements. Additionally, you have the option to review the underlying AWS Config advanced queries employed in each widget within these dashboards, facilitating the creation of more targeted queries.

Inventory and compliance dashboards in AWS Config are now available in all supported regions at no additional cost.

To learn more and get started, please refer to the documentation.