Posted On: Nov 26, 2023

Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced AWS Console-to-Code is in preview. It is a generative AI capability that makes it simple, fast, and cost-effective to move from prototyping in the AWS Management Console to deploying production code for your workloads. Customers can now generate code for their console actions in their preferred format. The code helps customers get started and bootstrap their automation pipelines for their workloads tasks.

AWS Console-to-Code makes it easy to convert actions performed in the console to reusable code, in the language of your choice. Customers use AWS Management Console to learn and prototype cloud solutions. AWS Console-to-code automatically captures your actions and workflows and in few simple clicks, generates code for it. The suggested code uses GenAI capabilities following AWS guided best practices to help improve deployment and create reliable production workloads. Customers can generate these code snippets in their desired formats such as CloudFormation, CDK. Using this service, customers no longer have to make a choice between Console or Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). 

AWS Console-to-Code is available as preview in US East (N. Virginia). Learn more about AWS Console-to-Code in Amazon EC2 User Guide.