Posted On: Nov 15, 2023

AWS unifies the experience across AWS Marketplace and AWS Partner Central. You can now link your Partner Central and AWS Marketplace accounts, and associated users. Once connected, Partner Central users can navigate to AWS Marketplace Management portal and connect your offerings in Partner Central with your AWS Marketplace product listing. This feature allows partners to connect multiple AWS Marketplace listing variations from a core Marketplace listing to the specific software offering in Partner Central. 

You will be able to set up your AWS Marketplace account and connect with Partner Central via Single Sign-on (SSO). Additionally, linking Partner Central and AWS Marketplace account enables AWS Marketplace data integration and insights into the AWS Partner Analytics Dashboard. This allows for backwards compatibility to existing AWS Marketplace listings and builds the necessary listing hierarchy for partners to validate products for co-sell, manage opportunities, create and manage private offers, and view data and insights on offerings and connected product listings.

Account linking is launching globally and available to all AWS Partners. Product linking is available to AWS Partners with Software offerings.

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