Posted On: Nov 3, 2023

AWS Marketplace now features a new self-service listing experience in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal for container products. The new feature enables AWS Marketplace sellers to publish and update container listings quickly and easily. This feature enables you to directly interact with AWS Marketplace catalog to create, preview, test, and update your product listings without needing AWS Marketplace to manually process your inputs.

With this release, you can create your container product listing and make most updates yourself through a UI experience, and without waiting for your request to be processed. During listing creation, you will be taken through a guided step-by-step workflow to fill in required information. Once submitted and validated by our catalog systems, your listing is published to limited visibility where you can preview, integrate, and test your container product. When you are ready for your listing to go public, you can request a visibility change for our team to validate the product and make it publicly visible for customers to purchase. 

This new feature works by empowering you to directly interact with our latest AWS Marketplace Catalog API, validating, and then saving your inputs to our catalog. What’s more, you can also make updates to your product listings through this feature. For most submitted requests, our catalog system validates the requested changes and makes the updates to the listing automatically. 

To learn more, see AWS Marketplace Seller Guide. To try the feature now, sellers can visit the AWS Marketplace Management Portal on the server product page