Posted On: Nov 15, 2023

Today, AWS is launching an improved user experience for AWS Partners starting from registration in AWS Partner Central to on-boarding, creating an offering, and providing step-by-step guidance to build and promote their offerings. 

By focusing on offerings, partners can accelerate sales cycle with AWS, educate AWS Sales teams on their capabilities, and enhance customer discoverability of their offerings. As we get to know partner’s offerings better, we will support Partner Path journey through the growth motions of Build, Market, Sell, and Grow to recommend next best steps and benefits to develop and mature partner’s offerings. 

Additionally, we are further enhancing the Software Path experience to allow partners to create their AWS Marketplace product listing from AWS Partner Central. The new experience is a simpler way for partners to create, view, and edit their offerings before submitting it for validation with AWS and AWS Marketplace listing review. 

The enhanced Partner Central experience is available for all partners globally.

Log in to AWS Partner Central to get started. Learn more about becoming an AWS Partner.