Posted On: Nov 28, 2023

Now generally available, fully managed Agents for Amazon Bedrock enables generative AI applications to execute multi-step tasks across company systems and data sources. Agents can plan and perform business tasks, such as answering questions about product availability or taking orders. Customers can create an agent in just a few clicks by writing a few instructions in natural language, providing access to the company’s systems, and defining AWS Lambda functions. Agents analyze the user request and break it down into a logical sequence using the FM’s reasoning capabilities to determine what information is needed, the APIs to call, and the sequence of execution to fulfill the request. After creating the plan, Agents call the right APIs and retrieve the information needed from company systems and data sources to provide accurate and relevant responses. Agents automatically perform this process in the background—securely by encrypting data in transit and at rest—each time. This relinquishes customers from having to engineer prompts, train models, or manually connect systems. With Agents for Amazon Bedrock, customers can easily integrate generative AI into their businesses, simplifying and accelerating how they perform and execute tasks without the undifferentiated heavy lifting.

Agents for Amazon Bedrock is available today in AWS Regions US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon).