Posted On: Nov 28, 2023

Starting today, you can use Amazon Athena to query data stored in the Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class for up to 2.1x faster query performance than S3 Standard. S3 Express One Zone is a high-performance, single-Availability Zone storage class purpose-built to deliver consistent, single-digit millisecond data access for your most frequently accessed data and latency-sensitive applications.

Athena is a serverless, interactive analytics service that makes it possible to analyze petabyte-scale S3 data lakes with ease and flexibility. If you have latency-sensitive use cases for your data lake, such as business intelligence analytics and reporting, financial risk monitoring, or sensor data processing, use Athena with S3 Express One Zone to deliver fast query results. 

You can use S3 Express One Zone in the AWS Regions where S3 Express One Zone is available. To get started, transition your data to S3 Express One Zone storage and catalog the data with AWS Glue Data Catalog for a seamless query experience in Athena. To learn more, see Querying S3 Express One Zone data in the Amazon Athena User Guide.