Posted On: Nov 13, 2023

AWS announces the general availability of launch template support for Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) Express for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. ENA Express is an ENA feature that uses the AWS Scalable Reliable Datagram (SRD) protocol to improve network performance in two key ways: higher single flow bandwidth and lower tail latency for network traffic between EC2 instances.

With support of launch templates customers can now configure ENA Express on an instance when launching an instance On Demand or via Spot or while scaling a workload in an auto scaling group. With launch templates customers can enable ENA Express at scale by automating the instance set up parameters, which ensures their workloads are configured to meet their network performance needs. 

Launch template support for ENA Express is now available in all commercial regions. It comes at no additional cost. To learn more and get started, please review the latest EC2 Documentation.