Posted On: Nov 16, 2023

Microservice Extractor now helps customers to port Windows-dependent, .NET Framework-based applications to cross-platform .NET to run on Linux operating systems. With this integrated porting capability, developers use Microservice Extractor to break down a large .NET Framework-based application with hundreds of projects and 10k+ classes into manageable groups based on the portability of code modules at project, name space, API, or class levels. Customers can extract, port and deploy one group at a time, and the rest of the code in the monolith can use ported code through the network. This iterative modernization approach not only cuts the time in half to transition a large business application from Windows to Linux, but it also helps organizations re-architect application for the cloud at the same time.

With integrated porting in Microservice Extractor, customers now get the functional benefits of Porting Assistant for .NET, an open source project from AWS hosted on GitHub, at enterprise scale for assessing and porting very large applications. Unlike Porting Assistant for .NET which runs on developer laptops and may take 10+ hours to assess large enterprise applications, the porting assessment using Microservice Extractor with its scalable backend in cloud can complete the same task 6x faster. Further, Microservice Extractor can also help with breaking down a large application into smaller units for porting incrementally from Windows to Linux.

Learn more on our product page and in the documentation, and download today to start modernizing your .NET applications with AWS.