Posted On: Nov 14, 2023

Starting today, you have access to new dashboards in the WAF console to enable you to better monitor your traffic. These dashboards are available by default and require no additional setup. These dashboards leverage CloudWatch metrics and highlight metrics such as total requests, blocked requests, allowed requests, bots vs non bot requests, bot categories, CAPTCHA solve rate, top 10 matched rules and more, on a per-Web ACL basis.

These dashboards provide enhanced visibility and help with answering questions, such as “what percent of my WAF inspected traffic is getting blocked”, “what are the top originating countries for the traffic that’s getting blocked”, “what are common attacks that WAF detects and protects me from”, “how do my traffic and traffic patterns from this week compare with last week’s”.

To access the new dashboards, go to the AWS WAF console and click on Web ACLs in the left navigation bar. From there, you can click on any Web ACL to see dashboards specific to that Web ACL. You will be able to see two dashboards across two tabs (‘All traffic’ and ‘Bot Control’). You will see up to two additional tabs if you are using either of the two AWS WAF Fraud Control managed rule groups. You can analyze the dashboards further by viewing them in CloudWatch.

For more information about the dashboards, visit the AWS WAF documentation. The dashboards are available for all AWS Regions and endpoints where AWS WAF is available. To learn more about WAF, see the AWS WAF developer guide.