Posted On: Nov 29, 2023

Today, AWS announces the general availability of SaaS Quick Launch, a new deployment option for software-as-a-service (SaaS) products in AWS Marketplace. SaaS Quick Launch enables customers to reduce the time and resources required to configure and launch third-party SaaS products on AWS. 

For certain SaaS categories, including security and monitoring products, configuring and launching software after purchasing can be time-consuming and costly due to the lack of integration between cloud service providers and third-party SaaS products. Prior to SaaS Quick Launch, customers would often invest numerous hours configuring accounts, authorizations, and integrations before they could begin to realize benefits. Manual multi-step configuration processes increase operational burden, add DevOps costs, and can expose customers to security risks. AWS Marketplace SaaS Quick Launch streamlines this process by offering guided, step-by-step instructions and resource deployment using pre-configured CloudFormation templates. These templates are defined and validated by both the software vendor and AWS, ensuring configuration adheres to latest AWS security best practices, and include the minimum resources required for a SaaS product to operate on AWS.

Quick Launch is available for SaaS products from the following sellers, Datadog, Drata, Dynatrace, Elastic, Fortinet, Lacework, New Relic, Orca Security, Palo Alto Networks, Resmo, Sumo Logic, and Uptycs.

Visit the SaaS webpage to learn more about purchasing SaaS in AWS Marketplace, and read the blog to see how you can use SaaS Quick Launch. If you are a seller looking to enable Quick Launch for your SaaS product, visit the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide.