Posted On: Nov 26, 2023

Today, AWS announces a unified Billing and Cost Management console that helps customers make faster, better-informed decisions and manage their AWS cloud finances more efficiently. The unified Billing and Cost Management console combines the previous Billing console and the previous Cost Management console, and features a new home page with insights and recommendations to help customers understand their spend, identify problems, and save money, along with more intuitive navigation and improved getting started resources. With this new console experience, it’s easier to decide where to focus, prioritize what’s most important, and take action.

Cloud financial management practitioners often spend too much time and effort deciding what to focus on, using multiple tools, consoles, and pages to gather key insights. With the new Billing and Cost Management home page, customers can gain insights including spending trends, whether any cost anomalies or budget overruns require attention, and what the most impactful savings opportunities are, all in one place. The new home page also helps customers prioritize their next steps by providing recommended actions with links to the appropriate console page. Customers who have an objective in mind but are looking for help can use the getting started page to learn how to complete common cloud financial management tasks. Customers who know exactly what they’re looking for can access tools directly via the new navigation bar.

The unified Billing and Cost Management console is available in all AWS Commercial Regions, except the AWS China Regions.

To learn more, see Billing and Cost Management Console Home product pageuser guide, and blog.