Posted On: Dec 21, 2023

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition now supports a redesigned RDS Data API for Aurora Serverless v2 (ASv2) and Aurora provisioned database instances. You can now access these Aurora clusters via a secure HTTP endpoint and run SQL statements without the use of database drivers and without managing connections.

Data API was originally only available for single instance Aurora Serverless v1 (ASv1) clusters with a 1,000 request per second (RPS) rate limit. Based on customer feedback, Data API has now been redesigned for increased scalability. Data API will not impose a rate limit on requests made to ASv2 and Aurora provisioned clusters. Data API will also support database clusters having provisioned database instances along with clusters containing ASv2 instances.

Data API eliminates the use of drivers and improves application scalability by automatically pooling and sharing database connections (connection pooling) rather than requiring customers to manage connections. Customers can call Data API via AWS SDK and CLI. Data API also enables access to Aurora databases via AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs. API commands supported in the redesigned Data API are backwards compatible with Data API for ASv1 for easy customer application migrations.

Data API now supports Aurora PostgreSQL 15.3, 14.8, 13.11 and higher versions in the regions of US-East (Northern Virginia), US-West (Oregon), Europe (Frankfurt), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo). Customers currently using Data API for ASv1 are encouraged to migrate to ASv2 to take advantage of the redesigned Data API. To learn more, read the documentation.