Posted On: Dec 29, 2023

Today, AWS announces the general availability of Amazon CloudWatch metrics support in AWS CodeArtifact, expanding the monitoring options available to CodeArtifact users. Customers can use CloudWatch metrics to monitor all requests made to CodeArtifact per account to better understand their usage.

With this addition customers can use the tools available in CloudWatch for CodeArtifact metrics, including search, graphing and alarms. Customers can use CloudWatch Metrics Insights to graph and identify trends in real time, and use metrics to track when they are nearing or exceeding CodeArtifact request-rate quotas and are in need of a quota increase. Metrics data is retained for 15 months, enabling customers to view both current and historical data.

CodeArtifact support for CloudWatch metrics is available in all 13 CodeArtifact regions.

To learn more, see AWS CodeArtifact and Use Amazon CloudWatch Metrics.