Posted On: Dec 26, 2023

Amazon EMR Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it easy for data scientists and data engineers to develop, visualize, and debug big data and analytics applications written in PySpark, Python, Scala, and R. Today, we are excited to announce that you can set user level permissions for Git repositories in Amazon EMR Studio.

In an EMR Studio, you can create and configure different Workspaces to organize and run notebooks. Within these Workspaces, data users can link Git repositories to import or save their notebooks and related files. Data users need to specify and store secrets like usernames/passwords, personal access tokens etc. to connect to these Git repositories. Previously, any user with access to a Workspace could use the stored secrets to link Git repositories. Now with this feature, users can specify their own secrets in an EMR Studio Workspace and through user role permissions ensure that the secrets are only accessible by them.

This feature is now available in all regions where EMR Studio is available.

To learn more using setting user level permissions for Git repositories, you can read Create user-level Git secrets policy in the Amazon EMR Management Guide.