Posted On: Dec 5, 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is announcing the public preview of Amazon Q in the AWS Console Mobile Application. AWS customers using the AWS Console Mobile App for iOS can now use Amazon Q, the generative AI assistant in the AWS Console Mobile App to ask questions about AWS services, and receive concise, reliable answers in a mobile-friendly user interface with voice input and output capabilities. Amazon Q in the AWS Console Mobile App is also available for Android (announced on 11/28/23).

Now, customers who are on-the-go and looking for information about how to complete a task or resolve a specific issue on AWS can use Amazon Q in the AWS Console Mobile App. You can type a question, or ask the question using voice input and get reliable answers to AWS related questions in seconds. You can read responses on screen, or choose to have responses read back to them using voice output. You can then use the information by taking an action in an AWS Mobile App native service screen, or by using a command-line interface (CLI) command from the answer in the AWS Mobile App’s CloudShell interface for command-line access to their AWS resources.

The Console Mobile App lets users view and manage a select set of resources to stay informed and connected with their AWS resources while on-the-go. The sign in process supports biometrics authentication, making access to AWS resources simple, secure, and quick.

Visit the product page for more information about the Console Mobile App.