Posted On: Dec 13, 2023

Amazon EventBridge Pipes now supports generating CloudFormation templates in the AWS console to help you provision and manage the configuration of your pipes in a centralized and repeatable manner. You can generate templates from your existing pipes to provision the same pipes in other regions or accounts, or, jump-start the creation of different pipes by customizing the generated templates. Combine the templates you generate with those of other services to create AWS CloudFormation stacks, which allows you to provision the AWS services your application requires with pipes connecting them together.

You can create a simple pipe specifying only a source and a target, or, you can customize batching, starting position, concurrency, and more, if desired. An optional filtering step can be configured to allow only specific source events to flow into the pipe and an optional enrichment step using AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, API Destinations, or Amazon API Gateway can be configured to enrich or transform events before they reach the target. Using CloudFormation template generation with Pipes lets you spend your time building your services rather than creating and managing the connections between them, without the need for undifferentiated integration code.

Get started by selecting a pipe in the EventBridge Pipes console, selecting “CloudFomration Template”, and then choosing “JSON” or “YAML”. To discover how Amazon EventBridge Pipes can help you more easily integrate your services, please read our AWS News blog post.