Posted On: Dec 7, 2023

AWS Mainframe Modernization is now available with new capabilities for enhanced control, visibility, and operational management of the service’s cloud native and fully-managed runtimes. The capabilities include transaction configuration display, import of data sets and display of their metadata, additional monitoring metrics, ad-hoc batch submission, and additional batch utilities. Customers will find them beneficial for use cases related to transaction management, performance monitoring, data set management, and batch operations.

Greater control of runtime environments can be exercised with new features to display transaction definitions for granular management and evolution of configurations based on business needs.

New application metrics related to transactions, batch jobs, and engine resources are now available for monitoring in Amazon CloudWatch to provide increased visibility of application performance and resource utilization.

New data set import capabilities allow application administrators to import more data set types from S3 to AWS databases facilitating application migration data transfer and data set operations. Data sets and their metadata can be displayed, visualized, and searched interactively. 

New batch capabilities include ad-hoc batch submissions for easily processing customized jobs, and new batch utilities for data set copy and command execution.

Application level security can now be enhanced with LDAP/AD support for AWS Mainframe Modernization Replatform with Micro Focus enabling seamless access and authentication across services.

To learn more, please visit the documentation page.