Posted On: Jan 3, 2024

Starting today, Amazon EC2 Serial console will be available in all AWS Local Zones. Amazon EC2 Serial Console provides a simple and secure way to troubleshoot boot and network connectivity issues by establishing a connection to the serial port of an instance. It provides a one-click, text-based access to an instances’ serial port as though a monitor and keyboard were attached to it.

Previously, you could get serial console output as logs or a screenshot through the EC2 management console, API or the CLI. With the EC2 Serial Console feature, you can interactively run troubleshooting commands for resolving boot and network configuration issues. EC2 Serial Console is ideal for situations where you are unable to connect to your instance via normal SSH or RDP. Access to EC2 Serial Console is not permitted by default at the account level and needs to be allowed explicitly. It is also integrated with IAM and AWS for Organizations policies for fine grained access control.

To get started, you can navigate to the Amazon EC2 console, select the instance you want to connect to and with a single click connect using EC2 Serial Console. You can also connect from the AWS CLI or API. To learn more see our documentation.