Posted On: Jan 9, 2024

Today, we are excited to announce that Amazon EMR now supports backup and restore for your Apache HBase tables. For customers running Apache HBase databases on EMR, now with disaster recovery operations, you can easily ensure business continuity in case of a disaster as well as offer a higher resilience for workloads. This feature also allows Apache HBase administrators to easily perform common operational tasks like upgrading to the latest versions, rotating your clusters, and cleaning up old write ahead logs.

Apache HBase Write Ahead Log allows recording all changes to data to file-based storage. With Amazon EMR on EC2, you can write your Apache HBase write-ahead logs to the Amazon EMR WAL, a durable managed storage layer that outlives your cluster. In the event that your cluster, or in the rare cases that the Availability Zone becomes unhealthy or unavailable, you can create a new cluster, point it to the same Amazon S3 root directory and Amazon EMR WAL workspace, and automatically recover the data in WAL within a few minutes. This is a opt-in feature and you will be charged based on usage - for Amazon EMR WAL data storage, writes, and reads during recovery operations. 

This functionality is now available for Amazon EMR release 6.15 and 7.0 and later. For regional availability and to learn how to get started, please refer to our documentation. For pricing information please refer to the pricing section.