Posted On: Jan 25, 2024

Amazon Q in QuickSight is now available for preview in Europe (Frankfurt) (eu-central-1) region, in addition to the existing US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. Amazon Q in QuickSight, powered by Amazon Bedrock large language models (LLMs), makes it easy and fast to explore data, discover data insights, and share findings with others. QuickSight Q subscribers can get started now by enabling the preview through QuickSight’s preview manager.

With Amazon Q in QuickSight business users can generate compelling data stories that provide narratives of data, create dashboard summaries to share key insights from data in seconds, and confidently answer questions not answered by dashboards and reports with a reimagined Q&A experience. Business analysts can build visuals, build calculations, and refine visuals in seconds simply by providing a description in natural language.

Amazon Q in QuickSight uses machine learning models that generate predictions based on patterns in data, and generate insights and recommendations from Your Content. Outputs are probabilistic and should be evaluated for accuracy as appropriate for your use case, including by employing human review of such output. You and your End Users are responsible for all decisions made, advice given, actions taken, and failures to take action based on your use of these features.

To learn more see the Amazon Q in QuickSight product page.