Posted On: Jan 11, 2024

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Db2 allows customers to set up, operate, and scale Db2 database in the cloud with just a few clicks. RDS for Db2 now supports up to 5,000 users for database authentication.

With RDS for Db2, customers have a choice of authenticating either through users created on their RDS for Db2 database or alternatively, through AWS Managed Microsoft AD. Previously, customers could create up to 100 users on their database or rely on AD authentication for authenticating up to 5,000 users with AWS Managed Microsoft AD (Standard Edition), and up to 100,000 users with AWS Managed Microsoft AD (Enterprise Edition). With this launch, customers with up to 5,000 users now have a choice to set up them on RDS for Db2 database. 

You can get started for creating Amazon RDS for Db2 instance and use the rdsadmin.add_user stored procedure to create the local users.

To learn more about Amazon RDS for Db2, check Amazon RDS for Db2 User Guide and Amazon RDS for Db2 pricing for pricing details and regional availability.