Posted On: Jan 18, 2024

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) now supports delivering mobile push notifications via Google Firebase’s HTTP V1 API. When creating a new platform application in the Amazon SNS console or API, you can choose token-based authentication to enable Amazon SNS to deliver mobile push notifications on your behalf, using the new Google FCM HTTP v1 API. You can also upgrade your existing platform application to use token-based authentication. Once you provide a valid key file, Amazon SNS will switch your application from the legacy FCM API to the new HTTP v1 API.

On Jun 20, 2023, Google deprecated FCM v1 APIs. Starting June 01, 2024, Google plans to remove the ability to send mobile push notifications via the legacy FCM v1 APIs. In order to avoid impact to your existing platform applications, we recommend that you plan and migrate them on or before June 01, 2024. To upgrade your application, you must provide Amazon SNS a private key file in JSON format. You can get the key file from the Firebase application console for your application. For more information on upgrading existing applications, visit the Google Firebase documentation.

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