Posted On: Jan 11, 2024

Today, AWS Marketplace announced the general availability of a new Amazon QuickSight dashboard, displaying customer’s product usage for AWS Marketplace sellers. Sellers can now access the usage dashboard under the Insights > Sales operations tab of AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP). Previously, sellers could only access their customer’s SaaS and Server product usage with the legacy Daily business report Section 1: Usage by instance type; and programmatically by Commerce Analytics Service (CAS). 

The usage dashboard provides sellers a visualized reporting experience for their customers’ product usage information to help inform decisions such as product support, pricing, conversion from public to private offer, and product discontinuation. Three key differentiators for the usage dashboard, include: dynamic search-ability across filters and custom date range filters; usage by offer visibility type (public, private, channel, etc.); and ability to view customer product usage for custom date ranges without having to spend manual effort building excel charts using legacy reports.With data visualization becoming an increasingly important part of business intelligence, the dashboard contains pre-built metrics and charts enabling identification of trends and issues. Sellers can download granular data directly from the dashboard in CSV or Excel formats.

To get started on the usage dashboard, please review the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide - Usage dashboard. You can also learn more about additional AWS Marketplace Insights dashboards in the dashboard section of the Seller Guide.