Posted On: Feb 23, 2024

Amazon CloudFront embedded Points of Presence (POPs) are a new type of CloudFront infrastructure deployed closest to end viewers, within internet service provider (ISP) and mobile network operator (MNO) networks. Embedded POPs are custom built to deliver large scale live-stream video, video-on-demand (VOD), and game downloads. Today, CloudFront has 600+ embedded POPs deployed across 200+ cities globally.

Video traffic on the internet has grown significantly over the years as viewers increasingly use streaming services. Live-streamed sports and popular VOD releases can further drive-up the internet traffic over a short duration. To ensure the high-quality streaming experience viewers expect, you as content providers need to ensure sufficient network capacity exists across ISPs and content delivery networks (CDNs). CloudFront embedded POPs can be deployed quickly at different locations within an ISP/MNO network to build additional capacity even closer to end viewers. To learn more about Embedded POPs, see CloudFront’s FAQs.

With embedded POPs deployed in their networks, ISPs can now deliver cacheable content efficiently without needing to scale peering links connecting CloudFront to their network. ISPs can also manage the entire lifecycle of embedded POPs in their network using the new CloudFront embedded POP portal, available globally at no additional cost. This web-based interface allows ISPs to self-service a variety of tasks such as requesting new appliances, monitoring embedded POP performance statistics, and requesting support. ISPs can get started by visiting the portal and authenticating with their PeeringDB accounts.