Posted On: Feb 6, 2024

Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics announces release of Synthetics NodeJS Runtime versions - syn-nodejs-puppeteer-6.2, syn-nodejs-puppeteer-5.2 - and Python Runtime version - syn-python-selenium-2.1. This release brings updated Chromium dependency libs for forward compatibility with Lambda OS and adds new Lambda Ephemeral Storage usage metric in customer account. To learn more, see release notes.

It is important to note that the existing NodeJS-18 Runtimes versions (syn-nodejs-puppeteer-6.1 and lower), NodeJS-16 Runtime versions (syn-nodejs-puppeteer-5.1 and lower), and Python Runtime versions (syn-python-selenium-2.0 and lower) will be deprecated on March 8th 2024. Amazon Cloudwatch Synthetics strongly recommends customers to update their Synthetics Canaries to these latest runtime versions before March 8th to ensure steady support.

Synthetics Canary’s runtime version can be updated using the AWS Management Console for CloudWatch, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CLI or AWS SDK. To learn how to update, refer to the CloudWatch Synthetics runtime support policy.

To learn more about CloudWatch Synthetics, refer to the Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics User Guide. To see a full list of regions where CloudWatch Synthetics is available, see Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics endpoints and quotas.