Posted On: Feb 6, 2024

Amazon OpenSearch Service now provides improved visibility into the progress of domain updates. You can see granular status values representing different stages of an update, simplifying monitoring and automation of configuration changes.

Earlier, a domain had two primary statuses to help you monitor progress of a change: Active and Processing. We now provide two new status types: Domain processing status, and Configuration change status. Domain processing status represents high-level states of a domain such as Active, when it is ready to accept a change, and Modifying, when it is applying a change. Configuration change status provides granular visibility into the progress of a change, such as Initializing, Validation failure, and Awaiting user inputs. You can leverage these statuses to take timely action in the event of a validation failure, or schedule another change upon the completion of the previous one. With this launch, we are also changing the way multiple configuration changes can be made to a domain for improved reliability. You can submit multiple configuration changes together in a single request. However, the domain will accept the next set of changes only after the completion of the previous change.

These changes to status values are backward compatible. If your automations rely on the old “processing'” attribute to determine the status of a change, they should continue to work. However, we recommend using these new statuses for your domain update automation.

To learn more about this launch, please refer to the blog and documentation.