Posted On: Feb 8, 2024

Amazon Redshift now allows you to programmatically access Redshift Advisor recommendations via API, enabling you to integrate recommendations about how to improve your provisioned cluster performance into your own applications. You can now access Advisor recommendations via the ListRecommendations API to consume in your automation tools and dashboards. 

Amazon Redshift Advisor offers recommendations on how to improve your provisioned cluster performance to increase performance and save on costs. These recommendations, such as identifying which columns should have a different data type and which tables should be vacuumed to sort the data, can improve query performance when implemented. Now, with the ability to programmatically access these recommendations via API, you can make recommendations available to implement on-demand or automatically via your own internal apps and tools. This allows your users to improve their performance without having to access the Redshift console. 

The API for Redshift Advisor is available in all regions where the Redshift Advisor is available. To learn more about using Advisor in Amazon Redshift, please see documentation on how to access Advisor using the API.