Posted On: Feb 16, 2024

AWS Marketplace now provides Private Marketplace support for AWS organizational units (OUs), allowing customers to create, manage, and govern Private Marketplace catalogs for organizational units within their AWS Organizations. With Private Marketplace, customers can curate catalogs of approved third-party software available in AWS Marketplace. Previously, customers were limited to governing Private Marketplace catalogs at the AWS account level, or for their entire organization. This launch enhances Private Marketplace functionality, enabling customers to scale their software governance across their organization while increasing agility and enabling faster software procurement.

Customers can now gain a comprehensive view of their organization’s Private Marketplace structure and governance, enabling them to create unique catalogs for different OUs. This capability supports distinct product catalogs per business unit or development environment, empowering organizations to align software procurement with specific needs. Additionally, customers can designate a trusted member account as a delegated administrator for Private Marketplace administration, reducing the operational burden on management account administrators. With this launch, organizations can procure more quickly by providing administrators with the agile controls they need to scale their procurement governance across distinct business and user needs.

To learn more about Private Marketplace, visit the Private Marketplace overview page. To get started, access the Private Marketplace buyer guide.