Posted On: Feb 6, 2024

AWS WAF Captcha adds support for audio Captcha in 8 additional languages, a new Captcha type that improves usability, and revocable API keys. With support for more languages, a new Captcha puzzle, and the option to promptly disable compromised keys, WAF Captcha provides enhanced capabilities to protect web applications globally.

First, Captchas presented in an audio format now support 8 additional languages beyond English: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, and Arabic. By expanding language support, more users can understand and solve audio Captchas. Second, AWS WAF introduced a new Captcha puzzle called Grid Captcha. It presents a grid of images for users to select those matching a category, leveraging visual and categorical skills of real humans versus bots. Captcha Grid improves pass through rates, providing a more user-friendly experience. Finally, admins can now strengthen security posture by promptly deactivating or rotating API keys before expiration. This can help prevents abuse of leaked keys by removing access promptly. API keys can be revoked through the WAF Console, AWS SDK, or CLI.

AWS WAF Captcha is available in all AWS regions supported by AWS WAF, including China and the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. For detailed information, see the AWS WAF developer guide. WAF Captcha usage is billed based on the number of WAF Captcha challenges attempted, in addition to standard AWS WAF service charges. See the AWS WAF Pricing page for more details.