Posted On: Feb 23, 2024

Starting today, remediating non-compliant resources with AWS Config rules is available in Canada West (Calgary) Region. This feature gives you the ability to associate and execute remediation actions with AWS Config rules to address noncompliant resources. You can choose from a list of available remediation actions. For example, you can create an AWS Config rule to check that your Amazon S3 buckets does not allow public read access. You can then associate a remediation action to disable public access for noncompliant S3 buckets.

AWS Config allows you to evaluate whether your AWS resources comply with common best practices through predefined AWS Config rules. Remediating non-compliant resources with AWS Config rules enables you to implement corrective actions to maintain resource compliance. Setting up remediation actions is straightforward through the AWS Config console or API. Simply select a remediation action from a pre-populated list, or create your own custom remediation actions using AWS Systems Manager Automation documents. AWS Config provides a recommended list of remediation actions in the AWS Config console. You can either choose to manually or automatically remediate noncompliant resources by associating remediation actions with AWS Config rules.

This feature is now available to customers in AWS Canada West (Calgary) Region at no additional cost, in addition to Regions that already had this capability.

To learn more and get started, please refer to the documentation.