Posted On: Mar 26, 2024

Starting today, AWS Global Accelerator supports assigning a public IPv4 address from a CIDR block to an accelerator resource in another account.

In Global Accelerator, you can use bring your own IP address (BYOIP) to use a public IPv4 address from your own address range as a static IP address for your accelerator. During accelerator creation, you can assign the BYOIP address instead of using a Global Accelerator-provided static IP address. But, until today, you could only assign BYOIP addresses to an accelerator in the same account. Global Accelerator has enhanced the BYOIP feature to enable you can assign a static IP from a provisioned CIDR block to an accelerator in a different account, by leveraging the cross-account capability.

You can configure cross-account BYOIP by creating a cross-account attachment, which defines the resources to share, and the principals that have permission to access them. For BYOIP, the resource is a CIDR block that you’ve already provisioned and advertised, and the principals are accounts that have accelerator resources. After you create the attachment, you can choose an IP address from the CIDR block to create an accelerator in another account. You can configure BYOIP by using standard AWS tools, including the AWS Management Console, AWS SDK, and the AWS CLI.

There is no additional charge when you use the BYOIP feature in Global Accelerator. To learn more, see the developer documentation in the AWS Global Accelerator Developer Guide. To get started with AWS Global Accelerator, visit the Global Accelerator product page.