Posted On: Mar 12, 2024

AWS ParallelCluster 3.9.0 is now generally available. Key features of this release include support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL9), Rocky Linux 9 and the ability to resize a cluster's compute capacity without stopping it. Other important features in this release include:

  • Support for mounting and unmounting AWS file systems without stopping the cluster.
  • Ability to disable sudo privileges for the default cluster user.
  • An updated Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) Installer, v1.30, that supports using Open MPI 5 with your applications.

For more details on the release, review the AWS ParallelCluster 3.9.0 release notes.

AWS ParallelCluster is a fully-supported and maintained open-source cluster management tool that enables R&D customers and their IT administrators to operate high-performance computing (HPC) clusters on AWS. AWS ParallelCluster is designed to automatically and securely provision cloud resources into elastically-scaling HPC clusters capable of running scientific, engineering, and machine-learning (ML/AI) workloads at scale on AWS. 

AWS ParallelCluster is available at no additional charge in the AWS Regions listed here, and you pay only for the AWS resources needed to run your applications. To learn more about launching HPC clusters on AWS, visit the AWS ParallelCluster User Guide. To start using ParallelCluster, see the installation instructions for ParallelCluster UI and CLI.

3/20/2024 – This post was updated to reflect that the release includes an updated version of the Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) installer.