Posted On: Mar 22, 2024

Today, AWS announces the Bedrock GenAI chatbot blueprint in Amazon CodeCatalyst. CodeCatalyst customers can use this blueprint to quickly build and launch a generative AI chatbot with Amazon Bedrock and Anthropic’s Claude. This blueprint helps development teams build and deploy their own secure, login-protected LLM playground that can be customized to their data. You can get started by creating a project in CodeCatalyst. For more information, see the CodeCatalyst documentation and the Bedrock GenAI Chatbot documentation.

You can use a CodeCatalyst blueprint to create a project with a source repository, sample source code, CI/CD workflows, build and test reports, and integrated issue tracking tools. As the blueprint gets updated with the latest best practices or new options, it can regenerate the relevant parts of your codebase in projects containing that blueprint. With the Bedrock GenAI chatbot blueprint, teams can personalize their chatbots through custom instructions and external knowledge. For example, you can build a chatbot-driven knowledge base on top of documentation and code repositories. For more information, see the CodeCatalyst Blueprints webpage and blueprints documentation.