Posted On: Mar 13, 2024

The Mountpoint for Amazon S3 Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver now supports Bottlerocket, a Linux-based operating system that is purpose-built for containers. With this integration, your Kubernetes applications benefit from Bottlerocket’s immutable root file system, low management overhead, and integration with AWS services, while achieving high aggregate throughput to read and write data in Amazon S3.

Built on Mountpoint for Amazon S3, the CSI driver presents an S3 bucket as a volume accessible by containers in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and self-managed Kubernetes clusters. As a result, Kubernetes applications can read data from Amazon S3 at high throughput to accelerate workload runtimes, saving on compute costs. You can install the Mountpoint for Amazon S3 CSI driver as an EKS add-on using the EKS console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), and EKS Application Programming Interface (API).

This integration is available on Bottlerocket versions starting from 1.19.2. To learn more about Bottlerocket, visit the AWS product page, public project website, and the Bottlerocket GitHub repository. For support, please contact the Bottlerocket team through your designated AWS representative or by opening a new issue on GitHub. To get started with the Mountpoint for Amazon S3 CSI driver, follow the user guide.