Posted On: Apr 3, 2024

Amazon CloudWatch now supports Anomaly Detection on metrics shared across your accounts. CloudWatch Anomaly Detection now lets you track unexpected changes in metric behavior across multiple accounts from a single monitoring account through CloudWatch cross-account observability.

CloudWatch Anomaly Detection continuously tracks system or application metrics, determines a normal baseline, and automatically surfaces anomalies based off historical behavior. CloudWatch cross-account enables customers to share their metrics across multiple source accounts with a central monitoring account. With cross-account anomaly detection, service owners who deploy applications across multiple accounts can now track resource performance and alarm on anomalous behavior all from a single location within their unified monitoring account.

Anomaly Detection on cross-account metrics is available in all commercial AWS Regions.

To get started, log in to a monitoring account with CloudWatch Cross-Account observability configured, and navigate to your metric or alarm list. You can now choose to apply anomaly detection on a cross-account metric when you graph it or create an alarm on it. Standard anomaly detection alarming pricing applies to Anomaly Detection on cross-account metrics. Please refer to the CloudWatch Anomaly Detection documentation and pricing page for more details.