Posted On: Apr 4, 2024

Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion now enables you to enrich events with geographical location data from an IP address, allowing you to add additional context to your observability and security data in realtime. Additionally, you can configure mapping templates in Amazon OpenSearch clusters to automatically display these enriched events on a geographical map using OpenSearch Dashboards.

Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion automatically keeps the mapping of IP addresses to geographical locations up-to- date, allowing you to confidently draw valuable insights for use cases like customer analytics and network access patterns across geographies. Also as part of this launch, Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion now supports Data Prepper 2.7.0 which introduces new features like XML and Amazon Ion data format processors, decompress gzip-compressed fields, truncate processor, codec support for the file source, split_event processor for splitting events and select_entries processor for filtering fields from an event. You can check out the complete list of features in this blog post.

These features are available in all the AWS commercial regions where Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion is currently available.