Posted On: Apr 30, 2024

Today, AWS announces general availability of Amazon Q data integration, a new generative AI–powered capability of Amazon Q Developer that enables you to build data integration pipelines using natural language. Amazon Q Developer is the AWS expert to assist you with all of your development tasks. Amazon Q data integration is a new chat experience specifically for AWS Glue, design for authoring and troubleshooting data integration pipelines.

Through conversations with Amazon Q, you can author AWS Glue jobs, troubleshoot issues, and get expert assistance for AWS Glue and data integration. Tell Amazon Q what you need in English and it will generate AWS Glue jobs to integrates data from AWS or third party sources. You can troubleshoot jobs by asking Amazon Q to explain errors and propose solutions. Amazon Q provides guidance throughout the entire data integration workflow.

With general availability, we add new capabilities for building complex jobs with multiple sources, destinations, and transformations. You can now connect to more than 20 sources including AWS databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, as well as custom JDBC and Spark connections. We add more transformations like filters, unions, and custom SQL. You can now iterate with Amazon Q on sections of your data integration jobs. These features help you create complex data integration jobs in English.

Amazon Q data integration is available in all Amazon Q enabled regions. To learn more about Amazon Q Data Integration, visit the website, documentation, or blog post.